5 Places To Eat Vegan In London

5 Places To Eat Vegan In London

5 Places To Eat Vegan In London

London has become one of the top foodie destinations in the world. Though England as a whole has had a shaky food reputation at times, London now provides top-notch cuisines from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a traditional, comforting British meal or you’re hoping to try some excellent Indian food or French-inspired fine dining, there’s something for you in London. And that’s true for those on vegan diets as well! 

Vegan restaurants don’t tend to get as much attention as other establishments. You won’t often find them on lists of places to eat in town (though there are certainly exceptions), and they don’t gain international renown. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some excellent vegan or partial vegan restaurants in London. Here are five you might consider checking out, both because of their menus and because of where they are in this wonderful city. 

Veggie Vegan

Well, the name ought to inspire confidence, right? The full name is actually 222 Vegie Vegan, but that’s neither here nor there. This place has gained some fame as one of the top establishments in London, and even appeared at the top of a list by Buzzfeed of 21 unmissable” vegan spots in town. The menu is 100 percent vegan, with highlights including seitan stroganoff, pumpkin and pine nut risotto, and the oyster mushroom and spinach raclette. It’s also not a bad place to start a day or evening out in the city. Nearby Normand Park is small but charming for an after-meal stroll (and you may enjoy watching the skaters in their little pocket of the park). And you’re not too far from Stamford Bridge, should you wish to plan a day around a football match. There aren’t many better attractions in London than a home match for a top club like Chelsea FC! 


Often, vegan restaurants feel somewhat cheaper than other venues, in part because they just don’t always attract the same crowds. But Manna is one you’ll appreciate for its atmosphere. The exterior is basically an unassuming but pretty façade in the Primrose Hill area, and the inside looks every bit the fine dining establishment without being too stuffy or formal. A sort of Caribbean stew and organic bangers and mash are just a few of the interesting items you’ll find on the menu. 

Woodlands Piccadilly

If you like Indian spices and flavors, this is the place for you. There’s an argument to be made that Indian cuisine is perhaps the best suited to vegan preparations, and that argument is reinforced strongly by the excellent food at Woodlands. It’s also a fun place to dine in that it’s just across the street from Leicester Square where there’s plenty to do, including a cinema, the Prince of Wales Theatre, and even the Empire Casino. With the emergence of fully regulated and legal platforms for gaming online, the UK has seen a lot of gaming activity migrating to the internet. But the Empire Casino is something of a throwback to traditional, in-person gaming, and makes for an excellent stop on a night out before or after a meal at Woodlands. 

Itadaki Zen

As you may glean from the name, this is a Japanese establishment with a fully vegan menu. The restaurant prides itself on preparing everything to order, ensuring freshness and quality in the process. The vegetarian sushi preparations are creative and enjoyable (featuring ingredients like seaweed, mushrooms, tofu and lentils), and there are actually some wonderful desserts (sesame pudding, fruit pudding, and “zen cakes”) as well. If you’re looking for restaurants to fit in while you explore the city sights, it’s close to the Charles Dickens Museum and not too far from the British Museum, though it would be a half hour walk or so. 

Mildreds Camden

There are a few different locations – one is quite close to Kings Cross, and another in Soho, so they’re near some interesting sights. But the Camden location is particularly charming, built into a largely glass building on Jamestown Road. It’s largely a vegan-friendly burger joint, with some other interesting main courses as well, including stir-fry vegetables and Sri Lankan sweet potato. As with Veggie Vegan, this is a nice restaurant for football fans to consider, as it’s fairly close to Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal plays its home matches. In fact, there are tours of the venue even if Arsenal isn’t playing, and they’re worth considering in this case. Emirates is one of the more state of the art Premier League facilities. 

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